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"The Golf Destination of New England." the site devoted to keeping you just a few clicks away from Cape Cod's many beautiful golf courses. Our Navigation "Leaderboard" will help you find the perfect golf course (On-Course), relaxing accommodation (Suite Spot) and delicious restaurants (19th Hole) for your golf vacation.

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The Blue Rock Golf Course PGA Jr. League Golf Team by Jan Martin

This year Blue Rock Golf Course started a PGA Jr. League Golf Team, led by Patrick Fannan, Head Golf Professional, and his assistant Marybeth Winslow. These young golfers, age 7- 13 year olds, have one practice and one match per week. I was privileged to attend their last match for the season against the team from The Captain’s Golf Course. Other teams they played were from Cranberry Valley Golf Course (two teams), Dennis Highlands Golf Course, and Eastward Ho Country Club.

For these matches each team sends out three to four players, two starters and one to two alternates which will play after the first three holes of the nine hole match. As an alternate your job is to act as a caddie, with advice and flagremoval, etc. As I watched these players, I was amazed by their knowledge of the rules of etiquette and their enthusiasm about the game. It was so nice to see and hear the encouragement they gave each other.

On the fifth hole at Blue Rock, a long 205 par three (for this match a par 4), I watched a seven year old just drive the ball straight down the middle of the fairway, and his ten year old partner preceded to hit it on the green. Two putts and they made par!

What a wonderful way to “grow the game”, a sport these kids will have for a life time.

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Featured News:

Tour Edge Introduces Hot Launch Product Line
Press Release

Hot Launch’s pricing blasts the competition, adjustable driver $199.99.

Batavia, IL – Tour Edge engineers have worked tirelessly to bring a technological advanced driver to market that is also competitively priced. The new Hot Launch golf clubs fit both criteria and will be a solid inclusion into the Tour Edge line. The Hot Launch line is headlined by the new adjustable driver, suggested retail is $199.99.

The new titanium Hot Launch driver is adjustable with loft options from 8.5 to 12.0 degrees in 1 degree increments. Easy-to-use adjustability gives players great control in choosing the most efficient loft for optimal distance and accuracy. The head shape is very efficient aerodynamically to promote
optimal club head speed for longer drives.

The Hot Launch features a 460cc titanium four-piece forged club head. The driver’s deep facedesign and variable face thickness technology provide maximum power from more contact points on the face.

Weight is an important feature in the Hot Launch driver, including a weight positioned in the rear center of the sole creates a deep center of gravity for an easy launch and greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The internal sole design incorporates additional weight in the heel and toe to maximize stability and performance. Paired with a very light-weight shaft, Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue, the Hot Launch driver is destined to be light and long. The Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue shaft is tip responsive design allows all types of golfers to maximize their
distance through improved launch angles.

A non-adjustable Draw version is also available. The club head is offset for proven slice-fighting control. The offset hosel allows the face to ‘square up’ at impact for a straighter ball flight.

The Hot Launch drivers carry Edge’s lifetime warranty, 30-day play guarantee, and are projected to be in stores  the beginning of October. Available in Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue shaft - tip responsive design which allows all types of golfers to maximize distance through improved launch angles. Suggested retail: Adjustable $199.99;

Draw version $149.99. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

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